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Is It Possible To Enlarge The Penis Without Medication?

As we have already known, men are naturally obsessed with having the bigger penis. This is why there’re many enlargement products that are available in the market. Those brands really understand that men will always try the best way to get the larger manhood. It is still associated with the satisfaction in the bed. It’s said that big male organ will cause better sex experience for you and your woman as well.

There’re the natural and non-natural ways to enlarge your penis. Some medical treatments like surgery or consuming pills have been proven to be effective. However, it’s still possible for having a larger penis with the natural method. You can still grow your manhood without any medication. These are some traditional methods to enhance your penis size without any drug.

Jelqing Exercise


Jelqing is the natural enlargement exercise that is created to increase the length of your manhood. It has been confirmed to be an efficient way of penis enhancement for many years. Jelqing has gained much popularity for its easiness and effectiveness. This method consists of 3 simple steps that you can do easy. These parts are: warming up, jelqing and warming down. These steps are so easy can be done in your house without any medication.

Weight Loss


This method is shown to be safe and efficient to improve your dick size. The concealed shaft that’s formerly buried beneath the belly fat is going to be shown by losing your weight. Your dick size does not raise, although it’ll make your penis appear bigger. To obtain your weight decrease, it is possible to do little sports that are routine or do workout in the fitness center. But you should improve your diet plan and keep up with the lifestyle that is healthy at the same time to help keep your manhood size that is larger.

Penis pump


A penis pump can be used both for enhancing penis size and treating erectile dysfunction in men. This pump primarily consists of 3 parts that are a plastic tube, pump bulb and release valve. The plastic tube or suction chamber will fit over your penis. The pump bulb that is medically approved will take your blood pressure. While the release valve is used to take out the pressure. Vacuum pump works mainly to enhance the blood flow to your penis. It will maintain your erection, so it’s sufficient for sex. If you take this method regularly, it can gradually enlarge your penis size. This has been proven by many men who have used this pump for an extended period of time.