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What is HerSolution And How Does It Work?

Over time, a body, becomes imbalanced from improper nutrition and hormonal changes, and stress that life naturally brings. This is not the only impact all the body functions in the workplace and with the family, but it also has a big impact on how the body response to sexual arousal.

Contrary to popular belief, studies have proven that a low libido is not a mental health issue but a physical issue as well.


HerSolution was formulated by combining vital nutrients and herbs that have natural aphrodisiac properties, but they also correct the imbalances within the body. All it takes to one supplement pill daily, and you can regain the same sexual pleasure that you have thought would go forever.

Because HerSolution is safe, there are no harmful side effects and no prescription is required to purchase it. Of course, if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding always consult with your physician first.

Here is a list of active ingredients that makes HerSolution so powerful.

  • Niacin increases blood flow to all the regions of the body and causes what is known as “niacin flush”. When this occurs, all the senses are heightened, including the sense of touch to the general areas and this increases sexual satisfaction.
  • The Hops extract increases vaginal lubrication and encourages the production of estrogen. Because hops is a natural sedative, it also encourages the body to relax so it can reach full sexual satisfaction.
  • Mucuna pruriens produces L-dopa naturally, which increases the level of dopamine in the body. Not only does it increase sexual arousal but it also encourages ovulation and induces anxiety and depression.
  • Epimedium leaf extract relieves many of the symptoms that are associated with menopause, and it increases the nitric oxide in the body, so muscles relax, which increases tho blood flow to the clitoris.
  • Cayenne pepper has been known for increasing blood circulation which increases the blood flow to the genital area. Because of this the orgasms are maximized, lubrication is increased.
  • Ginkgo Biloba increases the blood flow to the skin and tissues. It also heightens the sexual experience.


This supplement works by correcting the body from hormonal imbalances naturally. And within a first week most women notice an increase in their sexual appetite, faster arousal. and increase physical sensations.

Within 2 months, most women cannot even believe the change that have occurred in their libido and sex drive.